Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Jesus came to us at the will of the Father. Opening our way to a direct relationship with God is one of His greatest gifts. It allows us to actually be his brothers and sisters and ourselves sons and daughters of the Almighty.


The “Advent” or the “Coming” of the Lord affords us an opportunity to prepare our dispositions to accept Christ into our hearts and minds at Christmas. We have to make a purposeful effort to prepare a place within us for our Lord to dwell; we have to clean the place up.


During these weeks before Christmas it would do us well to set aside some quiet time when we each can be alone with the Lord. We can attend daily Mass; we can make a real good confession; we can perform the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. The Church and our parish afford many opportunities to help us prepare for the actual Coming of the Lord we will celebrate with such good will and cheer. Just read this web site and our weekly parish bulletin.


This disposition, of course, does not just magically happen. As do all things of value, it demands a serious effort to achieve such a spiritual state. Having been gifted with the Year of Mercy by Pope Francis, we are reminded of God’s limitless and unconditional love for us. Our experiences during the past year set the stage for openness to God’s most evident examples of his power – forgiveness and mercy.


In order to authentically experience the true happiness and peace of Christmas, we should start preparing now so that we are, indeed, properly disposed. We are able, of course, to make Christmas every day by developing our spiritual muscles by the daily practice of our faith. We will realize that Christ has arrived little by little, more and more each day. Nothing can bring us greater peace and joy than knowing our intimacy with Jesus and his Blessed Mother.


In Christ’s service,


Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Zamorski









Mass Schedule

Saturday: 5:00pm (Youth Choir)
               7:00pm (Folk Choir)

Sunday:   7:30am
              9:00am (Junior Choir)
              12 Noon

Weekday (Monday-Friday)
               (Divine Mercy Chaplet
                after Mass on Fridays)

Thursday: 7:30pm
               (Charismatic Communion
                Service, 1st Thursday)

Saturday: 8:00am

Morning Prayer: Daily 7:40am

Eucharistic Adoration:  7:00am -
        Lady Chapel (Parish Center)

Sacament of Reconciliation
Confessions:  Saturdays 1:00-2:00pm 

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