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Altar Servers





Serve the Lord, with Gladness, and Joy




Your Mission



To serve mass is an HONOR.

At mass JESUS is present:
in the SCRIPTURE readings;
in the consecrated BREAD and WINE;
in the PRIEST and MINISTERS; and
in the PEOPLE present.

Your are part of a TEAM which MINISTERS
at the ALTAR.

Your part is IMPORTANT and
it needs to be done WELL.

Some THINGS to Remember

  • Even though you are serving, remember that you are attending Mass, so pay attention and give the responses.
  • When Mass is going on remmeber to remain in the sanctuary unless you have a duty to perform elsewhere or if it is an emergency.
  • Remember to bow when you pass in front of the altar or tabernacle.
  • Remember that people see the way you walk, kneel, bow...
  • Remember that by doing things well you are helping people to pray.

    Thank YOU for Serving!




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