The Rectory Office, School and Lady Chapel will be closed today, Wednesday, March 21st. Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, the Parish Lenten Mission has been canceled for this evening!

Altar Servers





Serve the Lord, with Gladness, and Joy




Your Mission



To serve mass is an HONOR.

At mass JESUS is present:
in the SCRIPTURE readings;
in the consecrated BREAD and WINE;
in the PRIEST and MINISTERS; and
in the PEOPLE present.

Your are part of a TEAM which MINISTERS
at the ALTAR.

Your part is IMPORTANT and
it needs to be done WELL.

Some THINGS to Remember

  • Even though you are serving, remember that you are attending Mass, so pay attention and give the responses.
  • When Mass is going on remmeber to remain in the sanctuary unless you have a duty to perform elsewhere or if it is an emergency.
  • Remember to bow when you pass in front of the altar or tabernacle.
  • Remember that people see the way you walk, kneel, bow...
  • Remember that by doing things well you are helping people to pray.

    Thank YOU for Serving!




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